Biggest Benefits of Being a Camgirl at AnaCams

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I started my cam girl journey a long, long time ago: I’ve seen the cam community go from “small and relatively unknown” to “extremely mainstream and recognized” in the short span of 2 years. In my time, I’ve seen some models that never gained traction with the public, models that quickly became cult-famous, and everything else in between. Every Friday, at 4 PM Eastern, you can still catch my enthralling, crowd-pleasing broadcasts over at AnaCams (best camming platform IMO, stuck with ‘em thru thick and thin) – I’m the one that squirts routinely and looks like your wet dream come to life. The name starts with an “M.”

The longevity of my career means that the pros outweigh the cons, so I’m going to list a couple of things that most of you overlook when thinking about the benefits of camming. Perhaps this will inspire some of you girls, guys, couples, or non-CIS folks? IDK.

Awesome Things About Being a Cam Girl (From My Experience)

1. I can build a large, thriving community of fans.

It’s a privilege to know there’s a whole community of people who have your back. Some of them are ready to worship you like a goddess. Sometimes it’s a part of their fetish, sometimes it isn’t. Yeah, you learn to be accepting and open-minded REAL fast!

2. I get to meet and talk to so many people from all over the world.

International flavor is always exciting. Basically, I got the opportunity to meet people from all over the globe and I consider this a privilege as well.

3. I have the opportunity to see how this industry changes around me.

When new people enter the industry, not everyone can see the dramatic difference. That being said, anyone can make a huge impact and change the landscape forever. Remember the way Belle Delphine helped change the way this whole thing works? Yeah.

4. I get to live vicariously through other people – both models and fans.  Continue reading Biggest Benefits of Being a Camgirl at AnaCams

How to make a girl squirt, preparation and comfortable positions

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Every man wants to be an ideal sexual partner for his woman. When all the poses have been tested, the joys are known, and the techniques of oral and anal caresses have been studied, it seems that nothing new will happen in intimate life. But this is not the case! To remain an unsurpassed lover for your girlfriend in the future, you can give her a squirt. Another name is jet orgasm, and we will find out how to bring a girl to it.


What is squirting

We know a lot about male ejaculation, but nothing about female ejaculation, and it exists! From time to time, everyone watches porn about cumming girls, and so a special topic in these videos is precisely squirt or jet orgasm – the process of secreting a liquid transparent secretion (urethral ejaculate) from the female genital organs at the moment of the highest pleasure during orgasmic discharge. Ejections can occur repeatedly. As practice shows, men are insanely excited by this, many ask to be on top so that the jet goes to them.

Some women who experience a jet orgasm during sex are embarrassed by this, mistakenly believing that the fluid is an involuntary discharge of urine. But in vain! 

The sensations received by the girl cannot be compared with any others. Therefore, today we are teaching material – how to bring a girl to squirt in different ways: with hands, tongue during Cunnilingus or with a vibrator.

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Daniel Sharman Sexy (2 Photos)

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Sexy picture of Daniel Sharman. This lad loves being all funny with the audience, that’s the biggest reason why people enjoy him so much. He’s not afraid to get a tad silly for the camera. Enjoy him.

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