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Okay guys, let’s try something a little different. I know you’re used to checking out celebrities completely nude, so take your cock out of your hand for one moment. I’m here to show you the site, You’re probably wondering what the fuck is that? Well, I was also until I checked it out. It’s pretty much a site dedicated to showing you the best gay porn sites from around the globe. Free and Paid.

You might be surprised to find out that we offer more than just your typical gay porn content. We’ve got a whole range of categories dedicated to celebrity content that you won’t find anywhere else. From your favourite gay celebs flaunting their assets to exclusive leaks from gay onlyfans accounts, we’ve got all the juicy stuff covered. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill review site, we strive to provide you with sites that you crave.

A lot of these gay porn review sites have the same usual suspects every single time. Yes, we already know about XVideos, I mean who doesn’t? They strive to provide you with them sites that slide under the radar. The hot new sites that no one seems to give time of the day to, or don’t even know exist. It’s hard to stand out from the crowd now, searching through Google is pretty much a key to browsing Pornhub.

I do feel like a lot of people may be put off by its basic site design. Nowadays, a lot of sites look so good that bad designs can be offputting. I would encourage you to ignore that and just focus on the plethora of sites it offers. I don’t need flashy images or icons to keep me hooked.

Reading The Reviews

Usually a site is biased to whoever pays it the most money, well luckily not in this case. I can already see that the reviews are unbiased and fair. Some of the premium sites don’t have any reviews at all, you can see that they prioritize free sites more than the premium ones. Finding the reviews is easy, and clicking on a category will list all the available current reviews. They seem to be around 1500–2000 words in length, so very in depth. I bet a lot of people don’t even read them, they just click straight onto the site.

I like reading them because it gives me insight into whether the site is even worth it or not. Sure, we all know about the big tube sites, but what about the lesser known ones? I want to know if they are filled with viruses or ads before I open them up. Nothing bothers me more than a site which is dedicated to giving you ads. I’d rather just stick to what I know.

Does it contain any nude male celebrities?

Well, not directly, but it does have a link to a few celeb sites. The most promising category seems to be the gay onlyfans leak section, which seems to be heavily populated. Judging by the amount of reviews each site has, it is surely a popular category, and who can blame them? Some of these sites have thousands of videos and pictures of the hottest social media stars around, and for that, I fully approve.

So there you have it, LuvGayPorn is a constantly updating and every growing gay porn list. It updates regularly with the latest sites on the scene. They pick the sites you will like, and not for monetary gain. I love that. Yes, the site design is very basic, but who needs a flashy design when the content is top-notch? I know I don’t.