3 Most Startling Moments in ‘Saltburn’ Film

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3 Most Startling Moments in ‘Saltburn’ Film

The film Saltburn has hit theaters, presenting a myriad of moments that will genuinely astonish you as you witness them unfold on the cinematic canvas. Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi take center stage in this latest cinematic endeavor, crafted and helmed by Academy Award winner Emerald Fennell. As Oxford University student Oliver Quick (Barry Keoghan) grapples with finding his place, he becomes entangled in the alluring world of the charismatic and noble Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi). Catton extends an invitation to Saltburn, his family’s eccentric and expansive estate, promising a summer destined to be etched in memory. The movie also boasts a stellar cast, including Rosamund Pike, Richard E. Grant, Alison Oliver, Archie Madekwe, and Carey Mulligan.

Deadline has unveiled the complete screenplay for the film, allowing us to present the scripted depiction of each of these startling moments.

In one scene from ‘Saltburn,’ Oliver (portrayed by Keoghan) discreetly observes his friend Felix (played by Elordi) during a private moment in the bathtub. Following Felix’s exit from the tub, Oliver, now in the bathroom, remains fixed on the dwindling water. Here is a more detailed description of this scene…

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Later that evening, Oliver, attired in his pajamas, heads to the bathroom when he unexpectedly witnesses Felix masturbating through the partially open door. Oliver, undetected, continues his silent observation. As Oliver continues with his nighttime routine of brushing his teeth, Felix, oblivious to the earlier scrutiny, casually appears in the doorway, dressed in pajamas, bidding Oliver goodnight before leaving the scene. In the aftermath, Oliver pauses, placing his toothbrush aside as he listens to the last echoes of water disappearing down the drain. He enters the bath fully clothed, slowly lowering himself to the bottom. There, he indulges in a peculiar act, licking the remnants of water left behind.

Oliver makes love at Felix’s resting grave

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Following Felix’s untimely demise at Oliver’s event, the screenplay captures a poignant moment where Oliver expresses his intense sorrow in an unconventional way. Alone at Felix’s grave, Oliver collapses to his knees, tears streaming down his face. He clings to the gravestone as if reaching out to Felix himself, his hands tightly grasping the freshly turned soil. He then reclines, gently caressing the earth where Felix’s visage would be if he were still alive. With a solemn and tearful demeanor, Oliver proceeds to remove his clothing…

Oliver’s Liberating Naked Victory Dance at Saltburn House

Here’s how the moment is written in the screenplay…

Having successfully executed his plan to claim the Saltburn house as his own, Oliver revels in triumph with a celebratory dance throughout the residence—completely in the nude. Brace yourself, as every detail is laid bare.

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As a new day dawns, the sun bathes the expansive and splendid Saltburn house, resonating with the energetic beats of Sophie Ellis Bextor’s “Murder on the Dancefloor” that echo through its empty halls.

Oliver awakens, finding himself au naturel in his newly acquired bedroom—the Kings Bedroom. With a burst of energy, he catapults out of bed, initiating a naked dance that propels him through the state rooms, the very quarters he now claims. This dance mirrors the inverse of the tour initially led by Felix. Oliver, now the sovereign of his domain, strolls over to a table, fondly observing a framed photograph featuring himself and Felix.

In a twist of indulgence, he snorts a line of cocaine and continues his rhythmic journey through the hallway. The dance carries him to the center table, where the Catton Family Players music box rests. On top of it lie the neatly arranged family pebbles—James, Elspeth, Felix, and Venetia. Oliver takes a moment to straighten one of them, ensuring it sits just right, a peculiar detail in the midst of his exuberant revelry.

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