Is Cam Sex Better Than Porn? (Yes, It Is!)

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Just a quick note – we’re discussing gay content only in this write-up.

It’s obvious that different people have different ideas when it comes to what really turns them on. Pornography can be really appealing because it helps people explore different scenarios that turn them on – and it’s accessible for anyone. Really, you don’t have to do anything special or go out of your way – the internet is riddled with pornography and it’s VERY easy to find adult content that matches your tastes and preferences. No matter if you’re looking for something kinky, like a vid that shows horny dudes in Santa costumes indulging in a bukkake-style experience or something more subdued like a solo video with a good ol’ jack-off session. Either way, the options are endless.

The pornography itself might be exciting and it might help you explore some of the long-time fantasies… but it’s also pre-recorded. There’s no way for you to influence the outcome or enjoy a certain level of interactivity that gay sex cams offer. It’s very easy to get lost in a sea of samey content that will eventually grow tiresome and boring… you’re bound to wonder if it’s really the same as in real life. As turns out, it isn’t. It’s only the porn that gets repetitive.

Seeing Naked Dudes… Can Make You Cum Harder Than Ever Before

Let’s face it – cam sex is much hotter than the pre-recorded, scripted shit because it’s unpredictable. Every time you hook up with a guy on cam, you have no idea what he’s going to do. He could be totally into it… and totally not into you. He could be shy or horny or pushy, or he could start randomly exploring some of his freakiest kinks that might scare you off! There’s no clear-cut formula to follow. For many people, it’s spontaneity that gets them off. With camming sex sites, you’re the one in control, but there still is so much to explore and experience that it will be easy to keep coming back. The stakes are much higher than when watching porn, too.

The only thing that people that prefer porn to live sex always bring up is video quality. They claim that the recorded videos have “much better” quality than the live feeds, and many seem to think that their X-rated videos are “far superior” to the ones that are just being streamed. Well, it’s not really true because… Well, because it’s the tail end of 2022 and everybody has 4k-ready setups already. Almost every dude who’s worth looking at is broadcasting his sexcapdes in jaw-droppingly smooth quality with bright, crisp colors.

The other thing that people tend to overlook is the fact that there are new naked men on cams popping up just about every day. There’s never a dull moment when it comes to live cams. Every night has a new guy on, and you never really know what the next day might bring you. Perhaps your next huge crush will drop by for a session. Perhaps a new side-hottie will sign up and start streaming.

What Makes Lana Rhoades So Good?

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Even when you’re browsing smaller pornographic sites such as, she’s still unavoidable. It’s still impossible to avoid bumping into Lana fucking Rhoades. This popular pornstar is seemingly omnipresent and we’re not exactly complaining. There’s just something about her. Maybe it’s because she has a deep, silky voice and even better, she’s hot as fuck, but… Yeah, there are many people out there that are straight-up obsessed with Lana and that’s the reason why we decided to discuss the biggest secret behind her popularity. Or secrets.

First and foremost, it needs to be pointed out that Lana Rhoades is a very good-looking lady. Her prettiness is obvious and there’s nobody that’s going to argue with that. She has those deep, resonant eyes and she is very kind-hearted, which is reflected in her face. Her hair is sexy, her lips are perfect, literally every feature of her face is appealing. Even her body is awesome! She’s strong and sexy, she has incredible legs and… She’s naturally full-figured, which makes her sexier than just about any pornstar out there. She’s full-figured despite being skinny as fuck. It’s kind of hard to describe without showing you a picture. Lana is both curvy and skinny and that’s just something you will have to deal with.

IN addition to being pretty and having a great body, Lana is very charismatic. She moves in a sexy way, she does everything in a way that makes people fall in love with her. It’s effortless charisma that we’re talking about right here. It’s very easy to see why Lana was pegged as a sex symbol in the first place. This pornstar definitely knows how to seduce people and she does so without ever trying.

Her short stature is making some of this possible. Being small makes her look sexier and gives her confidence that most pornstars don’t have. When she enters a room, everybody turns their heads. She is both tiny and eye-catching, skinny and curvy, dirty and wholesome. The dark-haired stunner is also notable because of her flexibility. The way she contorts her body is pretty stunning and the fact that she can fuck in all these crazy positions also makes every single Lana Rhoades movie a must-see.

The easiest way to catch a glimpse of Lana Rhoades is on

Yeah, we think Lana is a great pornstar. How great? Well, we’ll let you guys decide for yourself by visiting the site mentioned above. You can talk about this girl’s biggest advantages and disadvantages for hours on end. There are many opinions about Lana and it’s kind of hard to stop talking about her once you really get into it. What should be really obvious is the fact that you are going to love what she has to offer in terms of being seductive, slutty, and cock-crazed. We think that more and more people should check out the girl’s videos in order to experience her in person, kind of. We’re not saying that she’s the greatest porn diva of all time, but it’s obvious that she is one of the best of this era, that’s for sure.

No One Does It Quite Like TNA Pics

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There’s a straight-up perfect celebrity erotica website that you’ve been missing out on. It’s called TNAPics and its content is simply amazing. You are no longer allowed to ignore this beautiful website since it has just added a slew of unmissable posts featuring some of the hottest gals out there. On the surface, it’s very easy to write them off as yet another “celebrity porn” blog that obsesses over Fappening and things like that. But wait until you check out the site, and you will no longer be able to ignore the awesomeness of this erotic outlet. You will fall in love with it and the experience it has to offer. There are many amazing images that await you. It’s all just so… well, not quite what you expected. It’s dirty and intense and sometimes very NSFW, but it is definitely the kind of site you need to visit and keep tabs on 24/7. They’ve been doing something very special for a long time and, once again, it just CANNOT be ignored any longer.

Frequent Updates to Get You Off

Despite the fact that the average level of hotness is unprecedented, they still manage to give you enough quantity to keep you entertained without overloading you with an overwhelming abundance of subpar X-rated material. The images come from a good amount of different backgrounds. There are professional photoshoots, leaked pictures, social media snaps, and a large number of unique and downright interesting candid shots. They are very carefully chosen so they are usually united by a theme or hold some meaning. One of the biggest differences between TNAPics and other blogs is that they are obsessively devoted to absolutely ensuring that the brand’s standards are met. They update on a frequent basis without actually diluting the quality of their content.

They Offer More Than Just Sexy Pictures

On the other hand, the actual sex-related content is also different. What kind of sexy pictures do they offer? Well, those are legitimately special: they are sexy, handpicked, and high quality. Not just sexy. Other websites have nothing on this. Also, if there is something that TNA Pics is often criticized for, it’s that they haven’t really covered this or that celebrity. People are actually bombarding them with requests. They want to see the site’s unique take on their favorite. That alone should tell you all you need to know about the excellence of the actual sex-related content they put out.

There are a lot of sex bloggers out there who don’t care quality. Don’t care about variety. Everything is THAT much different over at the site in question. TNA Pics is really saying in one glance: some stuff matters. Some stuff is special. Some stuff should not be dismissed and glossed over. They continue to do really great work and are leading the field by a clear mile. There are several reasons why we are so ready to praise this website again and again. You are not going to believe the kinds of hot content that they have to offer to their readers!

Sexy FBB: How Bodybuilding Can Improve Sex

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(John Arano / Unsplash)

When a woman is physically strong, in good health, and regularly lifting weights, she has higher calorie requirements, more energy, better blood flow throughout her body, better sleep, regular menstrual periods, and controlled fertility.

In other words, bodybuilding improves total fitness, which benefits all bodily functions in a sexy fbb.

Even though popping a pill to improve sex could be appealing, the best solution isn’t always the quickest. 

Many sexy fbb significantly improve their sexual health by making simple bodybuilding adjustments.

Overview Of Bodybuilding And Sexual Health

Your libido will increase as you continue to grow muscle, along with many other elements of your life, including your sexual health and performance. 

A decrease in libido won’t stop you from competing as a sexy fbb. Instead, you’ll apply the knowledge you gained in the gym to identify the root of this shift in your body.

Women are not as willing to immediately express their opinions to everyone about sex and other topics that were once regarded to be taboo. 

However, it has been discovered that women are far more expressive about sex in private, including what they enjoy, dislike, and are and aren’t doing.

Similar to other competitive sports, sexy fbb and fitness competitors focus on how their training, diet, physique, and final placing will be impacted by their sexual health and performance. 

Bodybuilding improves performance everywhere, from the boardroom to the bedroom, and is undoubtedly one of the best things you can do for your body and mind.

How Bodybuilding Helps To Improve Sex

The potential influences on a person’s sexual life are numerous. Therefore, a combination of these may occasionally contribute to poor sexual health and performance. 

Fortunately, bodybuilding can assist your sex life by boosting your desire.

Bodybuilders take better care of their health

If you take care of yourself, you will be more motivated to make any minor corrections that need to be made. 

A sexy fbb is more likely to seek treatment early rather than wait until a problem worsens if stress, weariness, anxiety, or hormonal changes affect their lives.

Bodybuilding boosts personal self-esteem

Your self-esteem and confidence are both boosted by bodybuilding. You feel better when you look well. Additionally, you are more likely to crave sex when you feel better. 

Furthermore, nothing may thrill a partner and you about your relationship in general, including the physical side, like confidence.

Bodybuilders have controlled the use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs

Bodybuilders avoid substances that can affect sexual function, such as alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. 

However, sexy fbb do not cease taking prescribed antidepressants or antianxiety meds without first consulting their doctor (remember, untreated depression most definitely won’t improve your libido).

Bodybuilders are active

Sexual health is improved by exercise. As a bodybuilder, you move your body frequently because you are aware of the positive effects it will have on how you feel and look.

Bodybuilders have a positive mentality

A cheerful outlook is quite helpful. By taking immediate action to address low libido, you are demonstrating to your partner that you value your union and are prepared to go to any lengths to fix the problem. 

And as a bodybuilder, you are more likely to face whatever challenges life throws your way head-on, just like you would face a challenge in the weight room.

Bodybuilding reduces stress

Thinking about the amount of labor that has to be done, the children and animals who need to be cared for, or the tasks that need to be done can be the biggest mood killer. 

Exercise, which releases endorphins, a hormone group that acts as a natural pain reliever and makes you feel joyful, is known to help solve this. And your sex drive will undoubtedly increase if you’re happier.

Bodybuilding increases blood flow and circulation

Exercise causes your heart to beat faster, speeding up blood flow throughout the body. The increased feeling where it counts most can be attributed to improved circulation, which may lower the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) for males. 

A variety of factors can cause ED, but it ultimately develops when blood

Bodybuilding leads to more frequent and intense orgasms

Regular exercise increases the likelihood that your pelvic floor, leg, and core muscles will be stronger than if you were inactive. 

Your orgasms might be more potent the stronger these muscles are, especially your pelvic floor.

Top three sex positions to try with a cam girl 

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Contrary to what you must have heard, sex positions are not read to be understood. Most sexual positions are born from mistakes during sex, and since it looked and felt erotic, it became adopted as one of the most intense forms of positions to take when having sex. Sexual positioning could help determine whether the sex will be enjoyable. It could help understand how fast both partners will orgasm if they keep the position at a particular pace. Positioning in sex has become so rampant that there are variations in the fundamental sexual positions. One of the core sex positions is the missionary position. This position is such that, presently, more than five other variations have emanated from the conventional missionary position. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that several positions could still be explored depending on how much you are willing to go to enjoy the topic of sex.

On the other hand, the online camming industry has introduced what is now known as an online sex. However, most people don’t understand that you can have sex with your partner from across the screen. Although there is no physical contact or touch from you to your partner, it is such that you could have your partner feel as though you are right there and nothing is changing. The main aim here is for orgasm to be achieved. However, how can orgasm be established without physical touch? This is why you need to understand the importance of online sex in long-distance relationships. Various individuals on nude girls cam have been in long-distance relationships for a long while. The only means of keeping the intimacy in the relationship is by engaging in online sex. So, how is online sex possible without a physical connection? What sex positions will they take to boost intimacy and achieve orgasm?

Here are some of the top three positions you could try with a cam model or with your partner if you are in a long-distance relationship

  • Hands-on the walls: 

From the name, this position implies the nude girl places her hands on the walls while exposing her back view to the camera. The position is such that the other person at the end of the screen could see everything regarding her back. If you enjoy anal sex, this is one of the most important positions you should try. Have the cam girl lean on the walls with one hand and have her support the base of her buttocks with the other hand, exposing her anal center from the back view. With this position, you could have her engage in anal sex with a sex toy while you keep giving commands from the end of the screen. The more you give the command, and she does them, the more you continue with the dirty talks. This position, when explored accurately, should have the cam model orgasm in less than 10 minutes. It’s as effective as the name implies.

  • Legs up high, missionary: 

As mentioned earlier, the missionary position has been broken into several fragments; in this case, we have the legs up high. This position will have the cam model facing the cam with her vagina directly facing the cam. The traditional missionary will have the lady lay on her back while the man comes on top of her. In this position, she raises her leg and supports them with a belt attached and strapped to the bed instead of the man’s shoulder in the regular missionary. With this, you see all of her vagina regions since it’s facing the camera. While in the position, you can have her masturbate with a synchronized sex toy with your smartphone to make the process more enjoyable. So, you have full authority over her orgasms and how she orgasms. The nude girls’ cam is one of the core places on cam sessions where you can enjoy some of these benefits and even more.

  • The T-shaped position: 

Depending on how you want it, the cam model, while standing, could have one leg on a stool or her bed. The supporting leg is placed in a position such that the rest of her vagina faces the camera. If she’s streaming from a Pc, she might need to support the Pc with her pillow or place it somewhere high to better look at her vagina region. If you haven’t tried this position, you should explore it as soon as possible.

Top three sexual fantasies that are more common than you think 

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Have you ever wondered why women on heels turn you on? Or have you ever wondered why you just prefer ladies on pantyhose? If you have, what were your conclusions? Most times, we think these things happen and it’s nothing. Inasmuch as it could be regarded as nothing, it is worth noting that they are fantasies. If you have ever imagined having sex with someone way out of your league, that means you are fantasising about having them. However, it is important to note that there’s nothing wrong with having sexual fantasies. At some point, everybody is going to have one or more. So, it’s possible to have more than one sexual fantasy and still want to bring them all to reality. Although fantasies are meant to remain fantasies, nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you can have them birthed into reality. 

One of the most interesting fits that could happen to anybody is ticking your sexual fantasies off your bucket list. The more these fantasies become a reality, the more likely for you to have new ones. So, if you find yourself having more than one sexual fantasy, it’s because you are living and you are constantly exploring the concept of sexual orientation either directly or indirectly. However, it is important to note that some fantasies are more popular than you think. There’s nothing you are going through now that’s new anymore, at some point, someone, somewhere has gone through similar changes. That you are having a STRANGE sexual fantasy or strange fantasies doesn’t mean you are weird. There are more than enough people in the world having extreme sexual fantasies and they are bringing them into reality. So, there’s nothing to be afraid or ashamed of, they are fickle of your imagination.

Here are some of the top three sexual fantasies you think aren’t common: 

  • Threesome sex with lesbians: 

At first, having this as your sexual fantasy might look so weird but it’s not as weird as you must have thought. There are various individuals with the similar fantasy of having threesome sex with lesbians. Normally, lesbians don’t want to have anything to do with men except they are both bisexual. However, they aren’t, they are pure lesbians. If you think this isn’t possible, check again! There are tonnes of individuals that have had sex with lesbians and not just sex but threesome sex. Some have even had orgies with lesbians. A threesome with lesbians is one of the weirdest fantasies anybody could have but it’s more popular than you can imagine. If you want this to become a reality, you just need to know where to look and whom to associate with in other to birth your sexual fantasies about lesbians. 

  • Incest: 

The heart wants what it wants and that might include incest. As extreme as this might appear, it’s possible that your fantasies about having sex with your sister or brother. Sexual attractions most times come in unpleasant ways although several factors could have inspired this feeling. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that this type of sexual fantasy exists and it’s more common than you can imagine. There are situations where brothers have sex with their sisters as depicted in some porn clips. 

However, you must be sure you are not taking the wrong steps if you want this fantasy to become a reality. Fantasy is meant to remain a fantasy as that’s what makes it a fantasy in the first place. Although most individuals have taken it upon themselves to birth their sexual fantasies into reality. So, If you are feeling sexually attracted to your sister and you want it to stop, you should talk to a sex therapist. However, you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it for fantasising about having sex with her. Sexual fantasies a times come in very odd places and that includes incest which is more rampant than you can imagine.

  • Sex with inanimate objects: 

There’s nothing weird about sexual fantasies and it’s not as new as you must have thought. As mentioned earlier, there’s nothing you are going through now that someone somewhere hasn’t gone through and that includes sexual fantasies. Fantasising sex with an inanimate object such as your pillow or your teddy bear is one of the most rampant yet secret sexual fantasies ever. No one would know unless you say it and you can decide not to say it and you keep birthing it to reality in your room. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that this sexual fantasy is more popular than you can imagine. 

What is a packer and why should you gift it to your transgender partner?

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For many transgender and gender non-conforming people, packing is an essential part of their daily routine. But not everyone realizes that packers are an option. Your partner might be struggling with body image issues and not know that there is something that can help.

Packing refers to the act of altering the appearance of one’s genitals in order to make them less or more visible. This can be done with a special undergarment called a packer, which is designed to resemble a penis. In this article, we’ll discuss what transgender packers are, how they’re used, and some pros and cons of using one.

What is a transgender packer?

A transgender packer is a type of artificial penis that is used by transgender men to give the appearance of having a more masculine physique. Packers are usually made from silicone or latex and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Some packers even have “realistic” features like veins and foreskin.

Packer usage is not just limited to transgender men; many cisgender men (men who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth) also use packers for a variety of reasons. Some cis men use packers to create the illusion of having a larger penis, while others use them for added sensation during sex. Still others simply enjoy the way it feels to have a “packer” in their pants!

Whether you’re transgender or cisgender, if you’re interested in purchasing a packer, there are a few things you should keep in mind. In this blog post, we’ll answer some commonly asked questions about packers so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

Choosing the perfect packer

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the perfect packer for your partner. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Size: You’ll want to make sure your packer is the right size for your partner. If it’s too small, it won’t give the desired effect. If it’s too big, it will be uncomfortable and may even cause chafing.
  • Material: There are a variety of materials available, from soft silicone to hard plastic. Consider what would be most comfortable and what would best simulate a real penis.
  • Color: This is mostly a matter of personal preference, but keep in mind that skin-toned packers will be more realistic looking.
  • Cost: Prices can vary widely, so shop around and find something that fits your budget.

Will it help with body dysmorphia?

There is no one answer to this question, as everyone experiences body dysmorphia differently. However, some people find that using a transgender packer can help them to feel more comfortable in their own skin and to reduce the negative thoughts and feelings associated with their appearance.

If you or your partner is suffered from body image issues, it is important to speak to a therapist or counselor who can help you to understand your unique situation and whether this type of device may be right for you.

Commonly asked questions when buying packers

it’s normal to have questions, especially when you’re buying your first trans sex toys like packers. So, we went ahead and made a little list of some common questions that most people tend to have.

What are the different types of packers?

There are three main types of packers: pre-formed foam, molded fiber, and Pulp cushions.

Pre-formed foam is a type of packing material that is made from a variety of different forms. These foams can be either rigid or flexible and are often used in packaging applications where it is important to protect delicate items from damage.

Molded fiber is another type of packing material that is made from a variety of different fibers. These fibers can be natural or synthetic and are often used in packaging applications where it is important to create a cushioning effect.

Pulp cushions are a type of packing material that is made from a variety of different pulps. These pulps can be either natural or synthetic and are often used in packaging applications where it is important to create a soft, cushioning effect.

Where can I find quality trans sex toys?

High quality trans sex toys can be easily purchased from the comfort of your home these days. This is helpful when privacy and discreetness are important parts of your life. Buying toys at popular trans sex toy shops will have tons of options, for people of all sexual identities and orientations, and is the perfect way to try something new and keep things exciting.

Reasons why you can lose erection when having sex and how to solve it 

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When having sex, you shouldn’t have the cause to think of whether you’d lose an erection or not. Having to think about it is enough reason you would lose it in the first place. Erection is one of the most important aspects of enjoying sex; it’s impossible to enjoy sex with a flaccid penis. Hence, while having sex, your penis must remain erect until the end of the sex. 

So, if you find out that you are losing erection more often than not, or you can’t hold one for so long, it might be because of various reasons. Some of these reasons range from psychological to health-related. However, it is worth noting that a handful of these cases could be solved by engaging in sex video calls with cam girls on online cam sites. Here are some of the reasons why you can lose an erection when having sex


It’s incredible how much damage stress can cause to your mental and physical health. As simple as the word might appear, it can bring your relationship to its knees if not properly managed. It’s always advisable that you manage your stress properly, and one of those reasons is erection. There’s nothing more embarrassing than losing an erection a few minutes into the intercourse as a man. If you have an understanding partner, it might be tolerated for a while, but once it becomes incessant, it’s capable of destroying that6 relationship. So, whatever forms of stress it might be, always make sure you stay clear. The more you stress yourself, the more likely you will lose an erection. In fact, it could also result in quick ejaculation, which is also very bad for you as a man. 

Emotional distress:

As mentioned earlier, some reasons you might have issues maintaining an erection are psychological. If you have problems with your partner in your relationship and it’s affecting you mentally, it might be somewhat difficult to maintain an erection. In fact, having to go through the day with the thought of disputes coming up at any moment is one way to knock you off your bedding duties. You’d be surprised at how responsive and emotional your penis can get when you have an emotional breakdown. So, if you are having this issue in your relationship, it might cause you to lose your erections or result in weaker ones. 

Top 3 means of avoiding loss of erection

As discussed above, there are various reasons you might lose your erection, which is bad for you as a man. If you are looking for means of maintaining an erection or how to avoid losing the erection in the first place, consider some of these processes below 

  • Get rid of all forms of stress:

It’s advisable that you don’t have sex when you are tired. In fact, there should be nothing like a quickie in your dictionary if you are the type that gets stressed easily. So, one way to avoid losing an erection is by making sure that you are well-rested before having sex. If you notice you are so tired after work, take some minutes or hours to revitalize by resting or sleeping before having sex. Sleep regularly, particularly before having sex. 

  • Visit sex cam sites:

Learning from the best is also one of the few yet effective means of maintaining an erection. You’d be surprised at how much you can learn from a sex video call with a cam girl. These models are professionals at what they do, and one of their areas of expertise is helping you understand your body and, by so doing, understanding how to maintain an erection. If you have been losing erections recently or can’t hold one for long, visiting a cam site or exploring sex video calls could be your breakthrough. 

  • Talk to a sex therapist:

Most times, all you need is someone to talk to, a professional in sex-related topics. If your loss of erection is from emotional distress, then you should see a therapist. It might be a “your” thing than a “them” thing. Ensure you visit your sex therapist, either with your partner or alone. This would help you understand the core reasons behind the problem. If it’s a “your” thing, you might need to make a more conscious effort to settle some personal details about your emotional stability. However, if there’s something on your mind that you need to let go of, talking to a therapist is the best way to start.

Are You Getting Real Sex Chat Fun on OnlyFans?

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One of the reasons why we love OnlyFans is because we can sext with hot people, our favorite content creators, who are sometimes celebs. This is a platform where we can watch clips, enjoy nudes, or just stare at good-looking people in underwear, bikinis, them semi-nude… And yes, OnlyFans is fun, affordable, popular since the pandemic, and all that. But can we really rely on it completely to give us all we need? And more precisely, when we sext and chat with content creators in a sexual way, is it really what we are doing?

Is OF the only site for sex chat?

  1. OF stars hire sex chat workers for cash
  2. The perfect way to handle hundreds of subscribers
  3. Content creators care about their brand, not customers
  4. They are enjoying their glamorous life
  5. Go for a dedicated sex chat site

1. OF stars hire sex chat workers for cash

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Every time you are chatting with a content creator on OnlyFans, you are not getting what you paid for. Instead of the person you are hoping for, you are actually chatting with someone who works for them! These sexy women, or maybe men, who you want to sext with and get to know just hire people who pretend to be them. Basically, every time you get a reply, it is not from your favorite content creator. Just think about it! Do you think these people really have time to chat with all their fans?

2. The perfect way to handle hundreds of subscribers

Do not forget they have hundreds, thousands, sometimes millions of subscribers! Chatting with one person only can be tiring and time-consuming, so imagine what happens when you have to chat with so many people at once! It is not possible! That is why they hire people who send messages pretending to be them. They have to do it because this is a great way to keep their fans while being able to do other important tasks for their business. They make us believe we are getting a piece of them, but what really happens is that someone else is just keeping them popular and successful. 

3. Content creators care about their brand, not customers

No one likes to hear this. It is painful and humiliating, but to them, we are just what brings them success and money. Because of us, they get to be famous, rich, powerful, and privileged. To them, we are just some random names, and the more of us they have as subscribers, the better their businesses will be. So, no, they do not care about our needs, our hobbies, our secrets… All they want is for us to buy their nudes, watch their clips, and pay every month to be a part of their fake world. 

4. They are enjoying their glamorous life

Why would they waste time messaging us and telling us about themselves? They have better things to do! Most of them are just so busy and have to do other things to promote their brands and make us believe it is them who are doing all the work. Some of them do live streams and pose for a couple of photos only, but they spend the rest of the time enjoying their glamorous, fabulous lives! And we are naïve and think they live to send us texts and sext with us! Boy, are we wrong!

5. Go for a dedicated sex chat site

What they do is not right and fair because we think we are paying for their most intimate moments that they share with us, but they only see us as a way to profit. They hire talented people who know how to impersonate them and who know with people, so they have a way with words.  But while you think you are chatting with these hotties from the photos, you are actually paying for random dudes who are just telling you what you want to hear. Everything is fake, but even when you figure it out, no one returns your money! That is the brutality of OnlyFans. But if you are searching for a dedicated sex chat site, then think less, is the best site to find beautiful ladies.