Elliot Page appears shirtless in the new movie

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Elliot Page appears shirtless in the new movie

Elliot Page decided to return to the cinematic world after a 6-year break, featuring in the upcoming movie “Close To You”. In this film, Page portrays Sam, a transgender man, marking his first time playing a trans man on screen. The opening scene of the movie depicts Sam waking up and getting dressed, with a particular emphasis on a shirtless moment. Page shared that this scene holds personal significance for him, representing a sense of comfort and authenticity in his body, a feeling he hadn’t anticipated before.

Moreover, Page not only acts in the movie but also serves as a writer and producer. Collaborating closely with Dominic Savage, who encouraged improvisation during filming, Page described how this experience allowed him to reconnect with the challenges he faces in his daily life as a transgender individual. He highlighted the shift in his approach to acting, feeling more embodied and present in his role, emphasizing the exhilaration and significance of the film in helping him achieve this sense of embodiment.

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