Jacob Elordi’s SNL Monologue and the Controversial ‘Saltburn’ Scene”

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Jacob Elordi’s SNL Monologue and the Controversial ‘Saltburn’ Scene”

Light-heartedly discussing the infamous “Saltburn” intimate scene, Jacob Elordi shared insights during his monologue on Saturday Night Live. The scene, in which Jacob’s character, Felix, meets his demise and Barry Keoghan’s character engages in a passionate encounter on Felix’s grave, became a focal point of discussion.

Getting right to the point, Jacob humorously acknowledged the scene’s impact, expressing gratitude to those who had seen the movie. He apologized to those who watched it with their parents and extended a welcome to those who viewed it with their girlfriends.

During the Q&A session with the audience and cast, Jacob faced a question about the “unpleasant” scene in his film. However, he initially misunderstood, thinking it referred to “Saltburn,” when it was actually about “The Kissing Booth.”

Highlighting Jacob’s diverse acting portfolio, aside from “Saltburn” and “Kissing Booth,” he played a role in “Priscilla” last year and starred in “He Went That Way,” released earlier this month. Notably, all these achievements come from a relatively short acting career of just seven years.

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