John Mayer Speaks Out: Challenging Stereotypes in Friendship

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John Mayer Speaks Out: Challenging Stereotypes in Friendship

John Mayer could not contain his disappointment and wrote an indignant letter to The Hollywood Reporter. What upset this singer so much? It turns out that earlier a journalist from this publication asked Andy Cohen about their relationship. He thought the question was rude and didn’t support diversity. John said assuming doubts about their friendship suggests people don’t understand different kinds of relationships.

THR told Andy that fans doubted their friendship, hinting at something romantic. Andy defended their bond, saying they’re just really close friends. John wondered why such a question was asked, saying people should see their relationship beyond just romance.

Adding some humor, John mentioned how rock musicians often become friends with gay artists, though he didn’t give examples. He ended the letter by saying that anyone who doubts a platonic friendship between a straight and gay man doesn’t deserve an explanation.

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