‘Saltburn’ Director Discusses Barry Keoghan’s Full-Frontal Nude Scene

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‘Saltburn’ Director Discusses Barry Keoghan’s Full-Frontal Nude Scene

In the provocative film ‘Saltburn,’ Barry Keoghan fearlessly embraces full-frontal nudity.

This actor has previously shared his thoughts on shooting the daring sequence and the challenges involved. Details have emerged about the number of takes required to capture the footage featured in the final cut.

In a recent interview, prompting director Emerald Fennell explored the deliberation behind deeming the explicit scene as “earned” in the context of the narrative, avoiding any sense of gratuitousness. She conveyed to People, expressing her thoughtfulness when it comes to nudity. Expanding on this, she questioned the inclusion of various scenes, be it people having breakfast or engaging in a nude dance, emphasizing the need to understand their purpose in the film and the reactions they elicit.

Concerning ‘Saltburn,’ she clarified that Barry was drawn to specific moments in the movie, where the combination of joy, terror, and amazement lies in the anticipation of venturing into an extraordinary realm.

Emerald underscored the significance of “enthusiastic consent” during the filming of such scenes, highlighting Barry’s unwavering agreement throughout the process. She addressed the common framing of questions, noting that it’s misleading to inquire about making someone do something, drawing a parallel to asking how one persuades someone into a particular situation.

Reflecting on the overall experience, she portrayed it as a collective endeavor, describing the collaborative process of creating something intricate and beautiful. She emphasized the fluidity of decisions, expressing that if anyone involved changes their stance at any point, it is entirely acceptable, likening it to the nature of any collaborative endeavor—it must be both beautiful and mutual.

In case you missed it, Barry and his co-star Jacob Elordi recently shared some lively reactions to the movie’s NSFW scenes.

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