Sam Mouzer’s penis suffered from a tick attack

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Sam Mouzer’s penis suffered from a tick attack

Upon his return to “Naked and Afraid,” Sam Mouzer encountered yet another unfortunate incident. This time, it involved a tick on his genitals while he was in the Colombian. Sam already notorious for burning his private parts by a campfire on a previous adventure, now had to deal with this new ordeal.

He shared his distress with fellow contestants, recounting how the tick had embedded itself deeper after his unsuccessful attempts to remove it. Sam’s series of unfortunate events, from the fire incident to the tick encounter, led him to reflect on his seemingly cursed luck. Despite his initial inclination to handle the situation himself, he was advised against it by his companions. Eventually, the show’s medical team intervened, but the outcome remains undisclosed. One thing’s for sure: viewers watching at home can count their blessings that they’re not experiencing the trials and tribulations of Sam Mouzer’s unfortunate dick.

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