Taron Egerton discusses who should play gay roles

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Taron Egerton discusses who should play gay roles

Taron Egerton decided to give his opinion on whether there is a difference in who will play gay roles. Recall that not so long ago, this male celebrity himself played the role of Elton John in Rocketman. In addition, he also got the role of a gay in the theatrical production of Cock. Although he did not have a great relationship with this role, because at first he fell ill with Covid-19 and missed performances. And a little later, he had to completely leave this production due to the illness of his mother.

But back to the straight actors playing gay roles debate. This 33-year-old male celebrity sees nothing wrong with that being the case. Also, in an interview with The Telegraph, he talked about having a couple of gay friends, and so it’s no surprise that he feels an affinity for the LGBTQ+ community. And when choosing a role, you should always take into account the experience of the actors and their other characteristics, and not focus solely on sexual orientation.

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