How to make a girl squirt, preparation and comfortable positions

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Every man wants to be an ideal sexual partner for his woman. When all the poses have been tested, the joys are known, and the techniques of oral and anal caresses have been studied, it seems that nothing new will happen in intimate life. But this is not the case! To remain an unsurpassed lover for your girlfriend in the future, you can give her a squirt. Another name is jet orgasm, and we will find out how to bring a girl to it.


What is squirting

We know a lot about male ejaculation, but nothing about female ejaculation, and it exists! From time to time, everyone watches porn about cumming girls, and so a special topic in these videos is precisely squirt or jet orgasm – the process of secreting a liquid transparent secretion (urethral ejaculate) from the female genital organs at the moment of the highest pleasure during orgasmic discharge. Ejections can occur repeatedly. As practice shows, men are insanely excited by this, many ask to be on top so that the jet goes to them.

Some women who experience a jet orgasm during sex are embarrassed by this, mistakenly believing that the fluid is an involuntary discharge of urine. But in vain! 

The sensations received by the girl cannot be compared with any others. Therefore, today we are teaching material – how to bring a girl to squirt in different ways: with hands, tongue during Cunnilingus or with a vibrator.

How does a woman feel during a jet orgasm? 

As we have already said, the received sensations bring unearthly pleasure that no type of orgasm gives. What does a girl feel at the moment of a jet orgasm?

  • First of all, a false urge to urinate will be an accurate harbinger of squirt. It will seem to you that you are about to spontaneously describe yourself. Don’t be afraid – these are deceiving sensations.
  • At the moment of the peak of pleasure and the release of liquid secretion, maximum relaxation occurs, bordering on loss of consciousness.
  • A slight tremor that resembles convulsions passes through the body. Heaviness appears in the limbs. Some girls reported numbness and leg cramps.
  • After that comes complete mental relaxation and pleasant fatigue enveloping the body.
  • The first experience of squirting in a girl can cause some psychological reactions, not entirely positive. In the general mass, ladies note bewilderment, awkwardness, embarrassment, stupor. Most of all, women are afraid that they will alienate their partner and disgust him.

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Squirt preparation: things to think about beforehand

Having clarified the basic concepts, we move on to the important part – preparation for squirt. If you wish, you can discuss with your partner if she wants to experiment this way. If the girl begins to feel shy, try to explain that the fluid from the urethra is not urine, so there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. A natural process from which you will get even more emotions and sensations.

When a woman agrees to such sexual tricks, a man needs to pay attention to several points.

  • Since most of the guys bring the girl to squirt with their hands (fingers), be sure to cut your nails short and wash your hands thoroughly.
  • For easy entry into the vagina, we use special lubricants. They will facilitate the sliding of both fingers, and a penis, and a vibrator – it depends on how you will bring your beloved to a jet orgasm.
  • When squirting, a different volume of liquid is released – from a few drops to 50 ml. In order not to embarrass the girl with wet sheets, we prepare a towel.
  • Explain to your partner that before the sexual experiment it is worth doing all the “small” and “large” things in the toilet)
  • And as always – foreplay. Foreplay will help your lady relax and tune in to new sensations.
  • Of course, we do not forget about the pleasant atmosphere: music, wine, snacks, aromatic oils, maybe a bubble bath and candles.
  • If you want to bring a girl to squirt with a penis, which is not always possible the first time due to the special location of the G-spot, warm up the vagina with your fingers, tongue or a vibrator. You can start warming up with an erotic or tantric massage and gentle words about how beautiful and sexy she is.

How to find the G-spot and bring a woman to a jet orgasm

The G-spot or in other words the Graffenberg point is one of the parts of the vagina that can be called the female prostate. It is she who is responsible for the internal orgasm, including the jet orgasm. Fortunately for men, all girls have it in one place with a slight difference of a few millimeters. The G-spot is located on the anterior wall of the vagina in the form of a dense red tubercle, which is almost impossible to feel with your fingers in an unexcited state. As soon as the blood rushes to the vagina, it begins to enlarge and becomes similar in texture and size to a walnut.

You can feel the G-spot at a distance of 3-4 cm from the entrance to the vagina. If you can find her, then your girlfriend is guaranteed an orgasm, which cannot be said about squirt. Unfortunately, the ability to ejaculate is not given to all women.

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